**Welocome to Kirie Word by Kaori.〝Thank you for good relative 〟**

◆What led me into Kirie World◆

I majored in animal husbandry at college to be a science teacher.
Started asa sales clerk at a department store and a home electronice retailer, I was engaged in welfare work had long been interested. Then I became friends visually impaired, wondering how to put art works into braille and encountered Kirie arts. I have been creating simple paper cutting arts to inspire visual image by touching.

There are actually six fingers of the child who has received this Maria's KISS.

This is not a mistake.  

Maria's love is the one given by all the people. Even if eyes even are seen or it doesn't see what color or not color of the skin is.

The hand though it is pedate though it is not ・・・

Everything is poured by the child and adults on this earth.


Perennial Love.


I wanted to express it.

Sometimes we would discriminate against those different to me. 
Was born from the seeds of conflict would mind that. 
What kind of flower is the flower that blooms from such a seed?

Will you make the flower bloom from the seed of love that exists in your mind?

From it to my wanting to make flower bloom from seed of more wonderful love.

someday,I dreamed of being filled with flowers of love on this earth .


It is my dream.


Someday, I believe that dreams come true.


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